Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bible Institute

at St. Mark BC, 5722 E. 12th Street, Little Rock, AR
Each Wednesday, during the month of April, 7:00 p.m.

Classes Offered (Select one):

Right Turns Only - Pastor Earnest Thomas (Knowing God's Will for Your Life) Life is a lot like driving, the wrong turn or decision and you'll never know where you will end up. This class will give you an understanding of God's will for your life and insight on how to make good decisions for a great life.

Breaking Free - Min. Sheree Evans (Tearing Down Strongholds) We may be saved but we still have spiritual struggles. This class teaches how to break such strongholds like addiction, destructive habits, depression, fear and unforgiveness.

Teach Me to Pray - Min. Ken Martin (Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer) Do you know how to pray when life gets you down? Are you ready to take your prayer life from the ordinary to the supernatural? This class will give you the how, when and where to pray for every situation you may face.

Shaped Under Pressure - Min. Michael Woods (How to Respond to the Pressures of Life) Diamonds are formed from being under intense pressure and heat for a long period of time. God uses the pressures of life like unemployment, divorce and sickness to develop us. Learn how to respond and even thrive during these pressure situations.

Life in the Spirit - Victor Wynn (How the Holy Spirit Helps in Everyday Living) The Holy Spirit indwells every believer but every believer does not understand how to tap into His power for everyday life. This class will teach about the person, presence and power of God's Spirit. Min.