I've been called to transparency! My prayer is for you to find hope, humor, and help from the life of a woman who's a preacher, married to a pastor, caring for a mom with dementia, with a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes, raised in a family of much dysfunction, and now dealing with two brain tumor. Someone get Tyler Perry on the phone! LOL!

Also, we will keep you abreast of current and upcoming ministry happenings here. Sit back, and enjoy the ride with me! It's all for God's glory!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Have Not Lost My DIVA Card!

Sick, weak and still DIVALICIOUS!
2 days home and I am exhausted.  Today I had an appointment with my pain management doctor. It’s good to be able to dress myself! With the side effects I am having, I should not be able to do this….GOD IS SO GOOD! I tried to look as DIVALICIOUS as I can. I must accent my walker. LOL!  It’s good to have a for real saved doctor. We rejoiced together in my progress. Although her service to me has nothing to do with my brain injury, she has been a great encourager.

After leaving the doctor’s, Camille brought me home. I had the bright idea of stopping at Dollar General. Hey, everyone stops at the Dollar General! As soon as she parked, my left leg went numb. This is the third time the numbness has happened since my surgery. Walking became even more difficult, but I did manage to get my one item and leave the store.
Once I made it home, Home Health Care came by. Afterwards I took a 6 hour “nap.” Any activity seems to drain me. I lack energy. Yeah, I know, I just had brain surgery. Pace yourself!

Monday, January 26, 2015


OMG, PRAISE THE LORD, I CAN WALK!!!!!!! In therapy, I have been taught how to manipulate my
Staples being removed
foot to walk, even though my toes weren’t moving. Well, this evening my small toe moved and then a few hours later all of my toes begin to move. They don’t move as freely as they should, but it’s a GREAT start! I must walk with a walker for now.

After 13 days of hospitalization, I will be going home tomorrow!!!! Yes, I said, I am going home, to my house on Emerald Mountain! The therapist has been amazed by my progress and believes I’d do even better at home. They have already set up Home Health Care to continue with my therapy. I still have a lot of work to do with speech therapy and physical therapy.

Yesterday,  30 plus staples were removed from my head. OUCH! It really hurt. Today, I was able to gently wash my hair. Another staple was discovered and will be taken out some time tonight.

When I get home, I will start the process of getting treatment for the part of the tumor that remains. This journey isn't over, but IT'S ALREADY GETTING BETTER!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Celebrating Friends!

I must celebrate my friends. They have been with me every step of the way. In December, Allison was right there when I was first taken to the emergency room. She was there for the surgery and probably has visited almost every day. She is a physician, and I have been careful not to take advantage of that fact. HOWEVER, when I need her knowledge and even favor she steps in without my asking. What a blessing!

Odette has been here with me just as much, and I’m grateful. She’s an attorney and I make sure I don’t take advantage of her as well. HOWEVER, when I was first diagnosed with the tumor, she voluntarily stepped in and got my legal affairs in order. What a blessing!
My girls, Latonia and Annette made sure we had us a girls night in the hospital! LOL! I love them dearly. I know they love me too, even though they have brought food in that has put a few pounds on me. LOL! What a blessing!
My family. Now, I’m crying. They have done more than I’ve asked. What a blessing!
Update on my father: He is still in the hospital and received 2 pints of blood. Wow! A few more test has to be done but he's doing okay.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blame It On the Tumor

The speech therapy is a challenge. If you have read my post, you may have noticed several grammatical errors. Here's my problem--- it takes about 2 hours for my mind to process and type one paragraph. Errors are numerous, so I attempt to make corrections. I get tired and even fall asleep trying to make the corrections, so I just upload what I have. Therefore, my poor writing skills, let's blame it on the tumor! Lol!

I thank you all for the texts, calls, etc. I haven't been taking too many phone calls because I am still subject to start talking out of my head. I can't have any of you using my babbling against me. Lol! Yep, blame it on the tumor. Lol! If you send me a text, I try my best to respond. If you follow up with another text I am less likely to respond because my thought process can't take the overload. Yep, blame it on the tumor. Lol! I'm getting better, but what's simple for you is a great task for me.

Tomorrow every other staple in my head should be removed. The remaining staples will be removed the next day. I have numerous staples, too many to count, therefore removal is going to take a while. I am looking forward to it because the only pain I am experiencing is from the pressure in the incision area. I am not looking forward to the pain that will incur during the removal time.

Friday, January 23, 2015


So I had a meltdown yesterday. Why? After 45 minutes and 3 request, no one brought me a cup and straw as requested. This left me having to deal with a range of emotion. Yes, I broke down over a paper cup! Lol!

On Tuesday, my dad who lives in New Orleans was rushed via ambulance to the hospital. He lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion. Why? He'd rather tell everyone he is healthy than to see a doctor when obvious signs of illnesses are apparent. He has been ignoring his health for years! He is still in the hospital undergoing test. I told you, Tyler Perry has nothing on my family's drama.

Today was the first day of real rehab. It wore me out but I am determined to persevere. Twice a day I have physical. Occupational, and speech therapy.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm in Rehab

On yesterday, Wednesday, around  2:15 am, I was transferred from the hospital where my surgery was performed to a rehab hospital. Prayerfully, while here I will regain the use of my left foot.  My doctor is greatly concerned about the foot. Me, I'll just trust the great physician, Simple tasks like adding, completing sentences, and recalling thoughts are difficult for me. Therapy should help this as well.

On last Tuesday and Wednesday I was greatly fatigued and groggy. It was hard for me to keep my eyes open and do any therapy. My daughter had come for a visit, and I don't remember her being there. I tried to write, but that just didn't work out. It's all a part of having brain surgery. Therefore, I still get to use the "blame it on the tumor" excuse. Lol!

I have my diagnosis from the pathology report. I'll explain it later. Good news- NO CANCER!!!! Yesterday, the bandage was removed from my head, leaving the incision exposed. WOW, I am not looking forward to having all those staples removed. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

Also, playing games on my phone, iPad, writing, etc is all a part of therapy. The doc said its good for mind stimulation. That's why I am in cyber world when I can be here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zero Concentration!

Today, I’m having a difficult time staying awake.  I’ve only had one dose of pain medication.
I am waiting to be transferred from St. Vincent’s Hospital to Baptist Rehab, The surgery has left me with some memory loss, slowness, speech challenges and a few other obstacles. Concentration is at a low! Today,  I can’t seem to stay focused. This is normal after brain surgery.

I am  very surprised by the “little things” that is a challenge for me. Like, counting backwards, spelling, Hope tomorrow will be a better day,