Friday, December 8, 2017

The Beginning of Reflections

Hello Readers! Time is moving! I see I went from having surgery the next day, to nothing! Like, what happened with the procedure?

Yes I had the procedure on my back. For now, I'm still dealing with some pain and will be posting reflections over the year which began a day ago with an introductory video posted on FB. I will continue giving updates as it relations to my health and my
living.  Let's begin:

2017 Reflections - Dec. 2016
Yeah, yeah, the pic is from 2016. I thought it would be a great place to start. Angie is one of my BFFs and with her husband we try to do a monthly double date night together. Angie asked what were some of the things on my bucket list because she wanted to be a part of at least one. Let's just say the walk through a Halloween maze didn't quite go well. Angie's not a horror fan like the rest of us. 😂😂 😂😂"Dressing in a gown and going to an elegant event or ball peaked her interest." I didn't go to neither of my proms. I guess I could have gone if 1) I wore one of my sister's prom dresses. Those 3 custom suits and shoes my dad had bought did not allow for me a new dress. 2) My dad would have to comb my hair because I didn't know what I was doing. He said my forehead was too big and needed to be hidden by my hair. {SIGH} Looking back at my school pics of which he was my hair stylist didn't convince me he was the man for the job. 😂😂😂 3) I would have to be home by 11 pm. This was most likely so that my dad could make sure I made it in before he went clubbing until the next day. 4) it's still too embarrassing to repeat. So, with those demands I never wore a gown and felt special for my prom or an evening event. So John and Angie hooked me up with the Governor's Reception at his mansion. I had a good time rubbing elbows with politicians, meeting the Governor, chatting with his wife (I didn't know it was her, I was just running my mouth as always 😂), and eating, as Big Daddy says, fo-fo food.

Camille pampered me. Resulting from the brain tumors I had/have brain tumor darkness under my eyes, an eye that still doesn't close, and crooked lips. I can't wear eyeliner and lashes because of my eye issues. That girl worked magic on my face. I felt so beautiful. I'm crying again. At that time, and still at times today, it can be difficult for me to take care of personal needs. Camille is my nurse. She said whatever I need done, she'll do it. I'm so blessed. In Cinderella style I went to the ball and had a ball!😂😂 John and Angie, thank you to infinity and beyond.

The ending of last year I decided to pursue my Bucket List more aggressively. Being the huge Prince fan that I am, I declared the year 2017 as "The 1999 Tour." Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

What? Another procedure???!!!

Emotionally, things has been “horrible” for me since returning home. I am finally at peace with the decision made upon my return from my 1999 Tour. I am having a "minor" procedure on my upper spine this Thursday, Sept. 7th. Initially my surgeon who also is by brain surgeon, wanted to do major surgery. My spine is losing its curvature, some disc in the upper spine are bulging, and bone spurs are pushing into my spine. The pain is intense. I can’t wear tight tops or even a bra. They make the pain even more intense. Although, we are delaying the inevitable, my surgeon is in agreement with not doing the major procedure just yet. If I do get relief after the procedure, then I will have the major procedure. I know it sounds silly but, I am having minor surgery on a major problem.

Not only do I have severe back pains, the spine injury is causing severe headaches. I do a good job of hiding what’s really going on. Those who know me know I don’t like pity.  Two of my girls came home for the weekend. For a minute, it was feeling like a "Farewell Tour." LOL! They wanted Taco Bowl Salads. I went to the store and purchased what was needed for a Tex-Mex Feast. That’s as far as it got. Catherine had to cook. It is difficult for me to do even light weight cleaning or cooking. I have to lay down for several hours after doing something light.

I’ve been acting like a whimp. I have been back and forth with this decision and have lost count on how many times I've changed my mind.  I’ve had over 20 surgeries in my lifetime. Pain did not start with the tumors. I’ve been in pain since 2000 after a foot and ankle issue. That pain from the past is no match to what I am going through. Through it all God has shown me his power. Whenever I have a ministry assignment (teaching, preaching, serving others) the pain has been minimum or non-existence. God never ceases to amazing.

This is for God’s glory. Just finished up hosting an event for planners.  Time to sleep it off. Got to keep moving tomorrow.

Your prayers are appreciated.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Return of Roline’s Chronicles Part 1

Hello there. I’m back to actually placing info on my blog. How have I been? That’s a loaded question. Spiritually – God is still good and trustworthy. Physically – It will be easier for me to type what I DON’T have. Emotionally – You know when your momma took off her shoe to whip you, and the beat down would last as long as she talked, and the blows took on the force of each syllable from the words she slowly annunciated and with emphasis pronounced? That’s how I feel. Like I’m getting a never-ending syllable whooping where the vocabulary consists of a minimum 4 syllable words. Friends, your prayers, hugs, and warm words softens the blows. I was thinking about that yesterday. I ask people not to forward me those chain letters that I call wolves dressed in sheep clothes because it clutters my box making it difficult to get to the ones that bless me.

August 8th, 2017 Big Daddy and I will celebrate 25 years of HOLY MATRIMONY. I emphasis holy. To commemorate this milestone we booked our first ever cruise heading to Mexico. You do know this story is about to take a turn………….

My health/disease is doing by definition what its suppose to do--- getting progressively worse. A month ago I had xrays done on my upper and lower back. The xrays showed what we already knew was there has advanced to being a severe problem. It is decision time. The insurance denied payment of a MRI needed to make a decision, even after 2 appeals. I decided not to stress out over the decision and deal with it after the cruise.

After seeing a different doctor from my team, the insurance company finally okayed the procedure. Thank you Lord. I’ve lost 35 pounds in 2 months. So Tuesday, the doc said “You need to lose weight.”

Me: “Excuse me Dr. Stevie Wonder, obviously you can’t see that I am over 30 pounds lighter.”

Doc: “You need to lose more weight.”

Me: “And how am I suppose to do that with the issue?”

Doc: “Water Aerobics.”

Me: “Come through doc.”

Doc: “and lose the Cokes.”

Me: “What the ham sammich!”

Right here is where I heard the studio audience gasp for air.

Me, {{Blank stare followed by a Florida Evans moment}}, “Dang, Dang, Dang!”

Right here is where the Doc packed up his things and left like when Squeaky called Ms. Sophia a hefer in The Color Purple. Then from out of my belly, I started singing, “speak Lord, speak to me…… (could have been gas)

It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I thought some of the procedures/testing could wait until after my cruise and anniversary, but noooooo, the xrays showed a ship load (pun intended :-) ) of severe problems, the doctor’s office called yesterday to inform me that the 1st test is next week on my 25th marriage covenant anniversary, Tuesday, Aug. 8th, 6 days before ship the sails. UUUGGHH! I WILL BE ON THAT SHIP even if they have to bring me by ambulance, and put me on a stretcher to get to my room. Smile.

My husband and I may have to face what we didn’t want to face ----- getting the results before our cruise. We know God is bigger than what’s going on with me.  We are not stressing nor thinking the worse. We know God will heal however He chooses which includes through 1) a miracle 2) medical teams 3) death. I need a miracle from the Miracle Maker.

Sorry the delay in writing. God never calls you to something that you can’t do. I’m still praying, preaching/teaching, leading, and giving. God told me to write, but I stopped without an excuse or no one to blame. Hmmmm…..

Don't blame it on the sunshine,

don't blame it on the moonlight,

don't blame it on the good times,

blame it on the tumor!.................

Drops mic, exit right while moonwalking………She’s back!

Laughter does the soul good. Pat yourself on the back. You made it to--- The End