Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Say it aint so!

Once again, I’ve been experiencing severe headaches. Other symptoms caused my doctor to suspect
there might be a problem. Following a MRI on Friday, March 4th I received the news. Another brain tumor has been found. It’s 6mm in size, which is not good. I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t want it to be a tumor. I haven’t had a chance to blog about it because I have been busy with weekly speaking and teaching engagements. I also don’t think I have processed the idea of another tumor because my mom has been very sick. She has been on a hunger strike and is extremely depressed. Depression comes with dementia, however, this bout was caused by a family member giving her the false hope of a lie. She believed it, and now me, my husband and kids has to suffer through with her. UUgggghhhh!  

Today I received a call from the neurosurgeon’s office. I was in the office working on a project. After taking the call, I was immobilized. The idea of needing to see my brain surgeon is unsettling. I lost all concentration, so I packed up and went home-----that is, not before stopping at Micheal’s to get some scrapbooking materials. LOL!

I have another tumor. The tumor does not have me! Tomorrow I have the first of a series of upcoming multiple appointments. In other words, here we go again! SIGH! There is a bright side. I get to drive myself to the appointment, and God is still good!

It is well with my soul!

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Year in Review – Part 1

 So, last year on this date I had a 7 hour brain surgery. My family (Big Daddy Earnest, Catherine, and
Camille) and a few friends {Allison and Annette) were there with me prior to being rolled into the operating room. Including the doctors, we all were clueless about what the outcome would be. We didn’t know 1) if I would survive, 2) if the tumor was cancer, 3) if the entire tumor would be removed, 4) what else would be discovered.

Over the year I discovered that I am loved by so many people across this country and abroad. THANK YOU ALL for your support, encouragement, gifts, visits, and prayers. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. I didn’t realize that “God was going to make an example out of me.” I trust Him. I really do. So much so that I have accepted what He has allowed.

The tumor was caused by sarcoidosis. Bernie Mac died of this illness. Close to home, our church’s outreach pastor’s wife died from the same illness during the same time I first fell ill! She was hospitalized on the second day of my hospital stay back in December. I attended her funeral. Oh, dear! The thoughts that were running through my mind while at her funeral--- oh, boy!

The doctor told us that after surgery, I would be moved to the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit. I would be in a comatose state with a breathing tube in my mouth for 3 – 4 days. I went into surgery at 7:00 a.m. I was brought to ICU around 8:00 p.m. The tube was removed and oxygen was given through my nose. About an hour later I was talking to my family and friends, telling them to go home and get rest. The next day, my Pastor and Chief Elder visited, and to their surprise I was sitting in a chair aside my bed in ICU. I still had the oxygen going through my nose but I was about to eat my first meal. LOOK AT GOD!

January 15, 2015, I was put to sleep so that what was threatening my life could be removed. 8 hours later I woke up to, what I didn’t know at the time, a new way of living. That new way will be posted tomorrow.

Last evening, I was driving to a church where I was scheduled to minister. I began to think about this time last year-I couldn’t drive and was home making preparations to enter the hospital in the morning. I was crying so many tears of joy because I had looked back and saw where the Lord had brought me from.  I had to pull on side of the road for a praise break!

I trust God and know He is working this out for my good. He is my Healer. I have submitted to His plan for my life. One day, I will live pain-free. One day I will no longer take medication. To get to that day, I am obeying God and submitting to the process of treatment that He has prescribed. It is The Great Physician that is working through my doctors. Surely goodness and mercy is following me!  As I have said all year, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! I’m going THROUGH to get TO my due season! God IS getting glory out of my life!