Friday, December 8, 2017

The Beginning of Reflections

Hello Readers! Time is moving! I see I went from having surgery the next day, to nothing! Like, what happened with the procedure?

Yes I had the procedure on my back. For now, I'm still dealing with some pain and will be posting reflections over the year which began a day ago with an introductory video posted on FB. I will continue giving updates as it relations to my health and my
living.  Let's begin:

2017 Reflections - Dec. 2016
Yeah, yeah, the pic is from 2016. I thought it would be a great place to start. Angie is one of my BFFs and with her husband we try to do a monthly double date night together. Angie asked what were some of the things on my bucket list because she wanted to be a part of at least one. Let's just say the walk through a Halloween maze didn't quite go well. Angie's not a horror fan like the rest of us. 😂😂 😂😂"Dressing in a gown and going to an elegant event or ball peaked her interest." I didn't go to neither of my proms. I guess I could have gone if 1) I wore one of my sister's prom dresses. Those 3 custom suits and shoes my dad had bought did not allow for me a new dress. 2) My dad would have to comb my hair because I didn't know what I was doing. He said my forehead was too big and needed to be hidden by my hair. {SIGH} Looking back at my school pics of which he was my hair stylist didn't convince me he was the man for the job. 😂😂😂 3) I would have to be home by 11 pm. This was most likely so that my dad could make sure I made it in before he went clubbing until the next day. 4) it's still too embarrassing to repeat. So, with those demands I never wore a gown and felt special for my prom or an evening event. So John and Angie hooked me up with the Governor's Reception at his mansion. I had a good time rubbing elbows with politicians, meeting the Governor, chatting with his wife (I didn't know it was her, I was just running my mouth as always 😂), and eating, as Big Daddy says, fo-fo food.

Camille pampered me. Resulting from the brain tumors I had/have brain tumor darkness under my eyes, an eye that still doesn't close, and crooked lips. I can't wear eyeliner and lashes because of my eye issues. That girl worked magic on my face. I felt so beautiful. I'm crying again. At that time, and still at times today, it can be difficult for me to take care of personal needs. Camille is my nurse. She said whatever I need done, she'll do it. I'm so blessed. In Cinderella style I went to the ball and had a ball!😂😂 John and Angie, thank you to infinity and beyond.

The ending of last year I decided to pursue my Bucket List more aggressively. Being the huge Prince fan that I am, I declared the year 2017 as "The 1999 Tour." Stay tuned.