Saturday, September 2, 2017

What? Another procedure???!!!

Emotionally, things has been “horrible” for me since returning home. I am finally at peace with the decision made upon my return from my 1999 Tour. I am having a "minor" procedure on my upper spine this Thursday, Sept. 7th. Initially my surgeon who also is by brain surgeon, wanted to do major surgery. My spine is losing its curvature, some disc in the upper spine are bulging, and bone spurs are pushing into my spine. The pain is intense. I can’t wear tight tops or even a bra. They make the pain even more intense. Although, we are delaying the inevitable, my surgeon is in agreement with not doing the major procedure just yet. If I do get relief after the procedure, then I will have the major procedure. I know it sounds silly but, I am having minor surgery on a major problem.

Not only do I have severe back pains, the spine injury is causing severe headaches. I do a good job of hiding what’s really going on. Those who know me know I don’t like pity.  Two of my girls came home for the weekend. For a minute, it was feeling like a "Farewell Tour." LOL! They wanted Taco Bowl Salads. I went to the store and purchased what was needed for a Tex-Mex Feast. That’s as far as it got. Catherine had to cook. It is difficult for me to do even light weight cleaning or cooking. I have to lay down for several hours after doing something light.

I’ve been acting like a whimp. I have been back and forth with this decision and have lost count on how many times I've changed my mind.  I’ve had over 20 surgeries in my lifetime. Pain did not start with the tumors. I’ve been in pain since 2000 after a foot and ankle issue. That pain from the past is no match to what I am going through. Through it all God has shown me his power. Whenever I have a ministry assignment (teaching, preaching, serving others) the pain has been minimum or non-existence. God never ceases to amazing.

This is for God’s glory. Just finished up hosting an event for planners.  Time to sleep it off. Got to keep moving tomorrow.

Your prayers are appreciated.