Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Misleading Advertisement

And he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country; and he sent him into his fields to feed swine.—Like 15:15

While ministering in Nairobi, Kenya mission team had the opportunity to rest and relax at a resort in Naivasha, Kenya. From the brochure, the resort looked very inviting. The ad boasted of horseback riding, restaurants, computer, shops, and other activities. The rooms would be an upgrade from the Nairobi facility which we were residing.

The drive to Naivasha started out pleasant, but, as we neared the resort the road to the resort became horrible. Our van’s driver maneuvered through giant rocks, dirt, bumps, and potholes which covered 15 to 20 miles of the route leading to the resort’s entrance. As we traveled onward, the dust and dirt from the road crept into the slightly cracked windows of our van. When we arrived at the resort, staff members were kind enough to supply each of us with moist towels to wash off the layers of dirt that settled on our faces, and arms.

Eleven of us shared a nice five bedroom, five bathroom unit. Only one of the showers produced hot water. For a greater part of a day, we were without electricity and water.

My husband and I walked to the resort’s clubhouse only to discover that it was nearly deserted. The shops were closed. The restaurant was closed. The pool was closed. There were no other guests on the grounds. The computer was down and WHERE’S the HORSEBACK RIDING?! Unfulfilled promises! I was feeling like a castaway on a beautifully landscaped deserted island. I remember returning to our room, looking again at the advertising brochure, and becoming overwhelmed with a great sense of disappointment. I wanted to go back to our living quarters in Nairobi. I was better off in Nairobi.

Like the prodigal son, many of us have been lured by the advertising of the far country. I’ve journeyed to the far country. The Trickster advertised it as easy living. My days consisted of drinking, clubbing, making a dishonest living, and doing much of what I would later regret. When I came to myself, I discovered that I’d been living like a filthy pig. I was homesick and couldn’t believe I left Kingdom living for this!

The world says “Have It Your Way” and “Just Do It”. No matter how good the other side looks, it’s better to stay in the father’s house than to go out into the world. You’ll end up losing so much more than money. You’ll lose your joy, peace, dignity, moral values and possibly your good reputation. The grass may look greener on the other side but when you get there you’ll discover it is artificial turf. The world can only offer a cheap worthless imitation of abundant living. As with the resort’s brochure, the world issues misleading advertisements resulting in unfulfilled promises. What the world has is not real.

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