Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Tragedy of Inner Turmoil

On this 1st day in the month of Black History, history has been made. A man who made history through his many accomplishments decided his life should be history.
Today, an icon in the music industry died of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. At age 75, Don Cornelius accomplished what many people young and old seek – PMS – power, money, & social status. He was the creator and driving force of the popular dance show Soul Train. Weekly to the viewing audience, he wished LOVE, PEACE, and SOUL. However, on today this LOVE giving, SOULful man committed suicide, demonstrating to the world his life lacked PEACE. In spite of his fame, money, social status, and accomplishments, Don Cornelius was haunted by inner demons that left him feeling life was not worth living.

I’m praying Mr. Cornelius’ death will serve as a reminder to us that power, money, and status does not guarantee an inner peace. Only through Jesus Christ can one have a peace that passes all understanding. Those who believe you’d be better off if you knew the right people and/or were millionaires will find a life without the RIGHT person, Jesus Christ, will only leave you with a lingering inner pain and feelings of worthlessness. While you are yet alive I urge you to give Jesus a try. He won’t let you down.

Through Christ, you will find REAL love, peace, and soooouuuullllll…..

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