Sunday, December 21, 2014


This has been a great weekend!


I’ve learned that people sometimes don’t visit you when you are sick because they assume or decide you are too tired, need rest, and/or have already been bombarded by high volume guest. NOT MY CASE! As long as speech can come out of my mouth I can handle visits. Please don’t take away my right to decide if I’d like and/or can handle a visit. There is too much uncertainty in my life right now. I’d rather you tell me in person that you care and love me than to stand over my casket saying things you’ve never said to me personally! If you’ve ever been to a family hour, you know what I’m talking about and the deceased can’t hear a word you are saying! Express love to the living! If you cut up at my funeral with words that are foreign to me, I just may get up and slap you! LOL!

 Seriously though, I love visits and calls. It’s personal. I also know when to say no, not today. So don’t worry about it. I have had a lot of guest, and it has been a blessing because it has been people I didn’t expect to receive from. Lesson---- blessings may come from unexpected places. The people you were there for may not be able to be there for you physically and/or spiritually. That’s okay. Everyone doesn’t know what to say or do, so don’t place unrealistic expectations on other people. When you give, you give without expecting anything in return, otherwise, your giving was with a personal motive. God, Jehovah Jireh, will provide who and what you need.

So, here are some visitors from the weekend. Friday, Ladoris and baby brought lunch from Chilis. Kim and Karen visited Friday night. The Romes brought Shrimp Ettoufee Saturday for dinner.
Kim & Karen. I'm trying to force my face to smile. LOL!

The Romes and their fabulous Etouffee!

Got to hold my mouth to sip through a straw.
Also on Saturday, in celebration of my daughters both achieving above 3.0 GPAs at UALR, the family went out to eat at lunch Ray’s Mexican. It’s really intimidating and frustrating to eat in public, particularly with facial palsy. With a finger, I have to hold my mouth up just to drink a beverage. A straw is a must! By the time the food came, I was tired of the experience of eating chips and salsa, so I had it packed up and brought home.

On Sunday at my church, I was scheduled to do the prayer weeks before I became ill. As long as I CAN serve, I WILL serve! I purposed to give God glory by shining a light of hope! I must admit, I was EXHAUSTED after praying. Working half my mouth took EVERYTHING out of me. To add, I had a very bad headache for the rest of the service. God is still good and his mercy endures forever! I was overwhelmed by the love shown to me today by my church family. You blessed me! The icing on the cake was when My Pastor, Dr. Pointer preached a powerful message and then prayed for the staff and families. Glad I was able to be in the house with the saints! Came home, took meds, ate and went to sleep! Still a great weekend.
A few more gifts received today………I am one blessed diva!

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