Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bad Day, Good Day....I'm Good!

Yesterday was not the best of days. At 5:00 pm, I finally acquired the energy to get out of bed. I felt exhausted. I spent maybe a total of three hours out of bed. It really was an “I’m not feeling it” kind of day. The only good thing about sick days is the fact that my husband really lays the catering on me thick! He spoils me and I love it! I don’t sleep much at night. This fact is contributed greatly to my fatigue. I suspect, as doctors warned, the many different medications I am consuming coupled with my sleeping scheduled being thrown off post-operative is affecting by ability to sleep. A friend gave me a few helpful suggestions for sleeping to try last night. I will utilize those methods again tonight.

Today was much better. I was able to attend my church’s worship service and Sunday School which I did not teach. Notice in my picture, I'm rockin' a scraf wrapped in a way I am not accustomed to. Since I got to wear these things I figured I'd best learn some cute ways to wrap it up. I didn't do a bad job. LOL! Not being able to drive really sucks. Sunday is a working day for my husband, therefore, he is at the church for all three services. My children were all out of service today. Thank God for a good friend who agreed to drive me home after Sunday School.

It was so good to see so many people. Gosh, I really felt the love of my church family today and I am so glad I had the strength to greet so many. On the flipside, it was a little scary to be in church today because it was my first time going into a very large crowd without a walker or cane. I am very happy and celebrate how I have progressed to this stage in my recovery, but I was nervous in the large group.

Tomorrow, the rest of my hair comes off and I am looking forward to it. I'm grown tired of this Krusty the Clown look. I literally have a huge bald spot on top of my head, a little hair on the sides, and it's unevenly tapered in the back. LOL! Every time I look at my hair, I have to really Laugh Out Loud!

Allow me to leave you with this: All brain tumors are not the same. There are different types, such as glioblastoma, meningioma, adenoma, and so on. They can be located on different areas of the brain and affect different areas of the body.  All brain surgery is not the same. One can have a relatively small incision or a very large incision located atop the cranium, side, or even back of the head.

Each individual with a tumor can be affected in DIFFERENT ways. I have had numerous caring and well meaning people to lovingly say to me that their loved one “had the same thing,” therefore my recovery will be just as theirs, even without the benefit of knowing the details of my condition. Having a tumor, as with any illness, is not a one size fits all journey.  I too use to believe a tumor was a tumor until I was diagnosed and educated.  

Love you all dearly and thankful for your prayers!


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  1. You look lovely in your wrap Mrs. Roline!!! To God be the Glory for your beautiful recovery!!!