Sunday, January 18, 2015

You Can't Keep This Lady Down!

Progress has been swift! The doc thought I would be in the ICU for at least three days with oxygen. After 2 days I was moved to a regular room. The oxygen was removed on the first night. On the day after surgery, I was sitting up eating on my own. Saturday and today I have been taking walks around my room. The walks are draining because I am basically dragging the left foot. One day it will move again!

One if the nurses commented about my positive attitude. I didn't know she was observing. Funny how folk are looking and you don't know it. This knowledge should motivate us all to live better. Anyhoo, the nurse said she believes my positive attitude has contributed to my swift healing. I am further along than the medical team thought I would be.

So a diva has loss her hair. I finally looked at the back of my head. They really gave me a jacked up cut! Ain't nobody told me nothing! LOL,

Tomorrow I should be moved to a rehabilitation hospital. I now require 24 hour care because of the paralysis of my foot. I know it's only temporary. In rehabilitation I hope to get function back.


  1. What an awesome update. You ARE Such A Blessing To Others Even now. What they see is your faithfulness. Prayers for your continued healing..."Come on left foot". AND they are wrong for that haircut. LOL Much love to ya sister.

  2. Thank you for the update, I find myself anxious to read every blog! I already told told you how much I Love your spirit. Your sense of humor In troubled time is absolutely amazing! We can All learn something from you. Stay positive and strong, God is with you through it all!! Praying for you

  3. Yay! let the awesome testimony continue to come!